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iERA In Focus – March E-Newsletter

iERA In Focus – March E-Newsletter


Welcome to third iERA In Focus newsletter of 2014. Alhamdulillah, we’re happy to bring you a roundup of what we’ve been up to this month.

Share the Qur'an!
On Monday 3rd February we kicked off our brand new #OnlineDawah project on the Qur’an. We designed this initiative for YOU to like, share, copy, repost, retweet – basically get the ayat of the Quran out there on social media. So far, from our Facebook page alone these verses of the Quran have been seen 2,591,907 times by 1,422,806 unique Facebook users subhanallah. Click here to start sharing the Quran now!
Call of Duty Dawah Training Course
Mission Dawah | We had a Dawah Mission in Luton where we set up a new youth led dawah team whose ameer (leader) was only 16 mashaa’Allah, The youth are the future of our deen, and the future of our dawah, so may Allah continue to guide and keep them on the straight path. Ameen.
Dawah Mission
As part of the mission, we delivered a mini Call of Duty Dawah Training course as well as a mini Now Ready to Grow (NRG) course to help teach them how to empower new Muslims. To organise dawah activities in your area click here.
Dawah Mission
In Bahrain they are gearing up to give dawah during the Bahrain Grand Prix inshaa’Allah! There have also been dawah efforts springing up in cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Jerusalem, Toronto, Sydney, Philadelphia, Chicago, Glasgow, Calgary, Nottingham and Edmonton to name but a few with the permission of Allah.
We have eight Dawah Community Organisers or DCO’s across different regions in the UK. Alongside their community work, DCO Imran Hussein (West London) organised and delivered a mini dawah training course in Richmond. DCO Mohammed Khan (Yorkshire and The Humber) organised a dawah stall at Bradford City centre in conjunction with different dawah groups in Bradford, and even completed a 10K run for charity mashaa’Allah.
DCO Salahudeen Patel (North London) organised and delivered a short GORAP course during Dawah Day in Stratford, as well as the dawah training, NRG and reminders during the Luton Dawah Mission. He also launched the Wembley Dawah Table on the 29th of March mashaa’Allah.
Now Ready To Grow - London
Giving dawah is only half the equation. The other half is on how we can empower new Muslims! In London, this month we ran our Now Ready To Grow course which aims to encourage Muslims to rethink the way we view new Muslims and to educate them on how to better empower New Muslims to become stronger in their practice of Islam.Click here to register on the next course inshaa’Allah.
Dawah Materials
Mission Dawah Online Shop – This month we’ve restocked our online store with over 130,000 dawah materials for you to order including The Man In The Red Underpants, Qur’an – A Short Journey, 3 Reasons for God, Muhammad (SAW) in the Bible, What Is Your Mobile Made Of flyer, Neighbours Booklet and finally we expanded our range of shop items with the new ‘Secrets of a Muslim Woman’ postcards. Stock up now by going to http://www.MissionDawah.com/Shop
Muslim Now
This month we have welcomed more than 30 new Muslims into our education programme and sent each of them their Islam Essentials Welcome Pack. In terms of ongoing education and development for new Muslims, our education programme for new Muslims entitled Step By Step is almost here!
Step By Step Education
Training has started with local dawah teams who will be running this course across the country for new Muslims in their community. More information on where these courses will be taking place will be announced soon inshaa’Allah. This month we continued our weekly welcome webinars for New Muslims. So if you’ve recently taken your shahadah and become Muslim then this online welcome webinar is for you!
Welcome Webinar
Join us every Wednesday evening as we help you get started on your journey into Islam. Register for the next session by clicking here.
Finally, If you know any new Muslims, direct them to www.MuslimNow.com for them to register and start benefiting from our regular New Muslim newsletters, webinars and more.
Dawah in Sweden!

In Sweden, our dawah teams in Gothenburg and Malmö are out on a weekly basis and through their hard work, we’ve seen 6 people enter into Islam this month. May Allah bless the efforts of these brothers and sisters, and may He keep these new Muslims firm upon the deen. Ameen.

iERA Canada
Over in North America, we organised dawah training for the University of Waterloo MSA (Muslim Student Association) and UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) MSA in preparation for the upcoming Islam Awareness Week. Last year, at the Call of Duty we organised at OUIT, three people accepted Islam! We have also had dawah training in Oklahoma, and are booking further training sessions.
iERA Canada
Last but not least, we are happy to announce that Shaykh Fahad Tasleem has come on board as a new instructor for iERA. He will be playing an active role in conducting dawah missions, building and developing dawah teams and help iERA to continue to build strong dawah relationships across North America inshaa’Allah.
This Islam Awareness Week season, we’ve been touring universities across the UK and Ireland delivering lectures on a range of topics concerning Islamic thought. Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, as part of this tour engaged in a debate with Professor Peter Simons on the topic Can Consciousness Be Best Explained By God’s Existence? Click here to see how it went.
This month we also published three podcasts, one on the miraculous nature of the Qur’an, the next on self discovery and the final one on the topic of consciousness. Click here to listen to them. Our ongoing research pertaining to the experiences of new Muslims is progressing well and we hope to be able to update you on both in the near future inshaa’Allah.
Islamic Thought Webinar Series
This month we delivered ten webinars with more than 2000 attendees registered covering a range of issues including atheism, the nature of consciousness and dealing with the problem of evil. There are more to come so click here to register for the next webinar now.
IAW 14
We are printing our next set of over 579,000 individual dawah materials and have already raised 82% of the funds needed for this order alhamdulilah. We need your help to raise a the final £4864 urgently for this next batch of dawah materials. Click here to donate and help us place this order and inshaa’Allah obtain an ongoing reward, a sadaqah jariyah!
We are very excited this year to have teamed up with Eden, an event that promises to be the ultimate imaan lifting experience of 2014. Eden will be a four day adventure with a range of activities, workshops, seminars to suit all members of the family, Eden will be the family event of the Year. We will be there to deliver our Dawah Training Course and more so click here to book now!
Leave a legacy
As we announced in last month’s newsletter, the iERA Legacy Will Clinic will be running on the first Saturday of every month at the iERA office, beginning on Saturday 5th April 2014 inshaa’Allah. We will have specialist solicitors from iWills available to answer any questions and queries. iERA staff will also be available to answer any queries regarding leaving a legacy. To book an appointment please email [email protected] or visit www.iera.org/legacy.