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iERA In Focus – April E-Newsletter

iERA In Focus – April E-Newsletter


Welcome to fourth iERA In Focus newsletter of 2014. Alhamdulillah, we’re happy to bring you a roundup of what we’ve been up to this month including the launch of our new international dawah campaign ‘What’s Your Goal?’.

What's Your Goal?
‘What’s Your Goal?’ is a Global Dawah Campaign that will culminate in a Global Dawah Day on Saturday 5th of July.If you have no experience in talking about Islam don’t worry! Just register and we will show you step by step how you can get involved.
Call of Duty Dawah Training Course
Mission Dawah | Alhamdulillah, dawah never stops and nor have our Dawah Coordinators (DCO) across the United Kingdom in April!Here’s a rundown of what our DCOs have been up to across the country mashaa’Allah:
  • Abdul Nasir Munir (North West England) has set up dawah teams in Nelson and Leigh and organised a mini Call of Duty Dawah Training Course (COD) in Makki Masjid Manchester, as well as delivering three talks.
  • Salahudeen Patel (North London) set up three new dawah teams in Wembley, Edmonton and Neasden. He also arranged two mini-CODs and two mini-Now Ready to Grow (NRG) sessions, and a dawah Mission in Edmonton as well as delivering four motivational reminders. Salahudeen is also managing the Global Team Management for the What’s Your Goal international dawah campaign.
  • Labeeb Ahmed (South West England) set up a dawah team in Newbury, as well as organising a Dawah Mission in the area and delivering a talk there on the importance of dawah. He arranged a mini-COD in Gloucester and also in Swindon, and has helped to develop three leaders for upcoming Dawah Missions.
  • Mohammad Khan (Yorkshire & The Humber) helped to set up a dawah team in Leeds and arranged a mini-COD.
  • Imran Hussain (West London) organised a talk with Abdurraheem Green, and has been busy supporting other leaders in Luton and Edmonton. He is currently also supporting the What’s Your Goal international dawah campaign.
  • Sohail Arshad (North East England) has been working with current dawah teams that have been set up. He attended the Step by Step training and is working with team organising it to roll it out. He has arranged a Dawah Mission in Newcastle and delivered two khutbahs on the importance of dawah.
  • Uthman Mahmood (East London) organised dawah training in the Docklands area, and supported the Docklands Dawah Mission.
  • Omar Bhatti (Scotland) has been supporting current dawah teams across Scotland. He has delivered five talks, and had 15 one-to-ones with key people in his area.
Now Ready To Grow - London
This month we held a Now Ready To Grow (NRG) course in London with about 30 sisters attending. Here’s what one attendee had to say: The speaker was such an inspiring person. The content very interesting and covers very well all aspects. NRG aims to encourage Muslims to rethink the way we view new Muslims and to educate them on how best to empower New Muslims to become stronger in their practice of Islam.
Dawah Materials
Mission Dawah Online Shop – This month has seen an addition of a new exciting product for our international ‘What’s Your Goal?’ Dawah Campaign. This was an A6 colour flyer. This is ‘initiation’ material is used an ice-breaker to a dawah conversation and can be ordered free of charge from our online shop in packs of 300 cards. We’ve also restocked our dawah gift boxes so all you need to do now is order one free, add a box of chocolates to it, and gift it to your neighbour or work colleague!. Stock up now by going to http://www.MissionDawah.com/Shop
Muslim Now
This month we have welcomed more than 32 new Muslims into our education programme and sent each of them their Islam Essentials Welcome Pack. In terms of ongoing education and development for new Muslims, our education programme for new Muslims entitled Step By Step is almost here!
Step By Step Education
Training has been completed with select local dawah teams who will be running this course across the country for new Muslims in their community. More information on where these courses will be taking place will be announced soon inshaa’Allah. This month we continued our weekly welcome webinars for New Muslims. So if you’ve recently taken your shahadah and become Muslim then this online welcome webinar is for you!
Welcome Webinar
Join us every Wednesday evening as we help you get started on your journey into Islam. Register for the next session by clicking here.
This month we also launched our Overcome #NewMuslimProblems webinar with Abdurraheem Green delivering the first topic on Identity and Change. Here’s what’s one attendee had to say:

Overcome Webinar
“I accepted the Dīn al-ʾIslām about 2 years back, Al-hamdu lillāh. I was very happy to attend the webinar last night live on ‘Identity and Change’, Al-hamdu lillāh. This is one of the best sessions, I have ever come across my life, Al-hamdu lillāh.”
Finally, If you know any new Muslims, direct them to www.MuslimNow.com for them to register and start benefiting from our regular New Muslim newsletters, webinars and more.
iERA Canada
We announced last month that alhamdulillah Shaykh Fahad Tasleem has joined the iERA North America Team . He’s been involved in the dawah for the past ten years, and we are pleased that we will be able to benefit from his wealth of experience inshaa’Allah. He will be conducting Dawah Missions in an effort to call the people to the beauty of Islam. If you would like to book him, please contact us at northamerica@iera.org inshaa’Allah.
Dawah in Sweden!
In Sweden, our dawah teams in Gothenburg, Malmö, Skåne and Jönköping are out on a weekly basis alhamdulillah.
This month, our Head of Research, Hamza Tzortzis delivered his Dawah Power course in Malaysia for Al Kauthar Institute. While there he also led a ‘What’s Your Goal?’ Dawah Day with over 250 people taking to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to share the message of Islam. AllahuAkbar, Allah ﷻ guided nine people to Islam on that day!
Islamic Thought Webinar Series
In addition, we conducted a mini-workshop on atheism at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur as well as a delivering a series of lectures on various topics. This month we’ve also released a series of podcasts and seven webinars. There are more to come so click here to register for the next webinar now.
We published the first in a series of Research blogs entitled Consciousness and the New Scientist Magazine: Reflections on False Materialist Assumptions.
We also plan to put out next month a full essay on the Qur’an and linguistic borrowing inshaa’Allah. Our New Muslim research is still ongoing, and we are putting the finishing touches to two blog articles which will be out next month inshaa’Allah.
Finally, we are planning our next set of research workshops which will take place after Ramadan inshaa’Allah.
Support New Muslims!
We’re producing our next set of 1000 Welcome Packs for new Muslims. Each pack contains a copy of the Qur’an, booK & DVD on how to pray, fortress of a Muslim dua book, a book on the life of the last prophet ﷺ, Islam a brief guide and a book on the names and attributes of Allah ﷻ. Each pack costs £14.65 to produce so lease click here to sponsor these packs for New Muslims.
Leave a legacy
As we announced previously, the iERA Legacy Will clinic will be running the first Saturday of every month at the iERA office in London. We will have specialist Solicitors from iWill available to answer any questions. iERA staff will also be available to answer any queries regarding leaving a legacy. To book an appointment please email legacy@iera.org or visit www.iera.org/legacy.
Enjoy Eden
iERA are very excited this year to have teamed up with Eden, an event that promises to be the ultimate imaan lifting experience of 2014. We will be there to deliver our Call of Duty and Now Ready to Grow Workshops. This four day adventure in the company of Muslims, sharing experiences like never before with a range of activities, workshops, seminars to suit everyone will be the family event of the year inshaa’Allah.