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iERA Easter Jesus Exhibition In London

iERA Easter Jesus Exhibition In London

Imran Hussein speaking to an elderly lady interested in attending the Jesus Exhibition

The weekend before Easter, iERA returned to Friends House in Central London, with their successful Jesus Exhibition. Friends House was a fantastic location for our exhibition during the Christmas period — located opposite Euston station and surrounded by several office blocks and universities. The exhibition attracted a diverse range of people some amazing engagements and conversations.

The day began early — journeying from the iERA headquarters in Wembley — after Fajr (the morning prayer) to ensure we arrived at the venue to arrange the room which was laid out immaculately by the team. The exhibition consisted of banners covering the life of Jesus blanketing the exterior of the room, two tables placed within the centre — one of them being the Qur’an booth and the other displaying iERA free dawah materials.

The fact that our campaign banners encapsulate the entire life of Jesus from before his birth all the way to his second coming made for an enjoyable and educational experience for all the attendees. Along with everything that was going on inside the exhibition room we had a team of brothers and sisters outside the building handing out coupons inviting people into the exhibition.

As a goodwill gesture for the attendees, we offered free lunches for the guests and hot drinks throughout the day — this helped the volunteers outside to literally stand out amongst the crowd!

Muslims Not Believing in the Son of God? Nonsensical!

Paulo is a Portuguese musician in his mid 30’s and was invited by one of our volunteers outside Euston station to attend the exhibition. Paulo described himself as a non-practising Christian but still held the belief of perceiving Jesus as more than a man. He believed that due to the fact that Jesus was born from a virgin birth — a common belief held amongst Christians and Muslims — made him more than a man.

Paulo engaged iERA team member Saqib Ali, asking whether Muslims believe in the Virgin Birth replying in the affirmative. Upon learning this Paulo was bemused, following up with: “Then why don’t you guys believe that Jesus is the Son of God then?”

Saqib asked whether Paulo believed in the miracle of the Prophet Moses splitting the sea to escape from the tyrant Pharoah and his army. The Portuguese national nodded in agreement and Saqib further expanded on his point: “If you believe in Moses’ miracle and perceive him as a Prophet, why don’t you apply the same logic to the Virgin Birth and Jesus?”

This was an eye-opening moment for Paulo because he couldn’t disagree with the point made, he became interested in learning more about Islam and eagerly took the literature with him as he had to perform at a gig later on that evening — may Allah guide him to the righteous path!

Family Coming Around to Islam

Mr Gonzales is Bolivian whereas Mrs Gonzales is of Japanese descent and they now both reside in Harrow. It’s actually the case Gonzales Mr Carlos reverted to Islam only several weeks ago! The married couple has four children in total — two of which have become Muslim also —  they learnt about the exhibition from their son who has emigrated to the Middle East and an avid supporter of the iERA cause.

iERA team member Karen Chiu with Mr and Mrs Gonzales

The whole Gonzales family were originally Christian and the father reverted after receiving continuous dawah from his son. The pleasant couple spent approximately an hour with us. Mrs Gonzales was described as very sweet — by iERA team member, Karen Chiu —  and is currently still a Christian. However, it was evidently clear from Karen’s perspective that she had an eagerness to learn more about Islam — one of the sole reasons being the positive impact the faith has had on her immediate family members. Mrs Gonzales could not stand for long periods of time but she was so engrossed by the exhibition that she requested a chair which she would sit on working her way around the whole exhibition.


Overall the event was a success, we will continue to roll out the Jesus exhibition globally — where we have already held the exhibition in countries such as America and Bahrain — we look to reach many more people and destinations over the coming year, God willing!

To bring the iERA Jesus Exhibition to your city, let us know by going to iera.org/request.