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What has iERA Done With Your Money?


For most, January is the start of the new year, but not for iERA! As a global Charity committed to conveying the call to Islam on every continent, we work from Ramadan To Ramadan.

So, where have we taken the Prophetic Mission in the last six months?

Our strategic focus is to develop outreach specialists across the globe, to that end, we hit the ground running!

We flew in Imaams, scholars and duaat from across North America and Europe for a 9-day specialist dawah training course. That 1:2:1 focus and development has already produced results!

But our work is not just limited to Muslims. We launched a campaign with a series of LIVE Facebook and YouTube lectures to educate the wider society about ‘Abraham: The Friend Of God’. On the ground in the US, we delivered a dawah training course in Maryland, USA and also continued our ‘Know God, Know Good’ campaign to reconnect people back to Allah.

After conveying the call, what happens to new Muslims?

In the last 6 months alone, we have provided initial support to 500 new Muslims to help them establish a firm foundation of Islam in their life. After that, we deliver our life-changing educational retreats, to help our New Muslims build a real spiritual connection with Allah. Through the ‘Journey Of Life’ we were able to help Russel and many more

And as the old saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ We continued our specialist dawah training programmes with a select group of duaat from across the UK who are all leaders in their local areas. We also travelled to New Jersey, USA to deliver a dawah training course and Birmingham to deliver our advanced dawah training course to imams and students of knowledge at As-Suffa Institute

In these short few months, we’ve been all over the world, October was no different!

We travelled across the Channel to the Netherlands with a packed out seminar on Atheism, and a bespoke two-day dawah training course for Dutch leaders and imams.

We also delivered our first ever New Muslim Retreat in Lithuania where one of the Non-Muslim attendees, Henryk, took his shahadah!

In North America, we empowered communities in Toronto, Fort McMurray, New Jersey and Michigan to go out and share the rational and compassionate message of Islam

We also flew to the dynamic city of Hong Kong to give a range of lectures, seminars, dawah training and practical outreach activities!

iERA is committed to conveying the call around the world. So far we’ve been all over the UK, Europe, Asia and North America. November saw us hire our first international outreach specialist in the Southeast African country of Malawi – Shaykh Ahmed Chienda. Our Founder, Abdurraheem Green personally went out there to welcome and empower him and the fledgeling iERA team with training and practical outreach activities in the local towns and villages with many embracing Islam.

Back in North America, we delivered lectures at universities, dawah training courses, participated in outreach activities; and delivered the keynote speech at the annual ICNA-MAS South Central Conference.

To top the month off, back in the UK, we delivered, the second instalment of our new Muslim Educational Retreats – ‘The Journey of the Believers’.

It’s not over yet, in North America, we were honoured to be invited once again to speak at the ICNA-MAS Convention in Georgia, US.

Christmas also saw the global launch of iERA’s interactive Jesus Exhibition online and across the world. Over December 2017 the exhibition went on the road and was seen by thousands of people in London, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham and in Bahrain with many people embracing Islam.

We also launched the revised edition of our best selling publication: Jesus – Man, Messenger, Messiah.

And that brothers and sisters are just 6 Months of iERA!

By the way, in that time, we have also distributed 115, 256 of our dawah materials to 147 countries around the world.

This has only been possible with the permission of Allah and your unwavering support.

Thank You!