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iERA Dawah team responds to International Secular Humanism

iERA Dawah team responds to International Secular Humanism


10th August 2011

From Thursday 12th of August until 15th August 2011 a dawah team from the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) headed by Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Adnan Rashid will travel to Norway to attend the World Humanist Congress in Oslo. Hamza Tzortzis will also be participating in a public debate with Dr. Lars Gule, a leading Norwegian Humanist Philosopher on the existence of Allah.

The purpose of the World Humanist Congress is to gather the world’s secular humanist activists and thinkers to promote peace, and celebrate thought and reason. Their programme includes lectures and workshops on Freedom of Religion; Evolution, conflict and religion; Good without God in Action, and Man – a Peaceful animal? This congress will be attended by some of the leading international secular humanists including Professor PZ Myers, Professor Richard Norman and Dr. Lars Gule.

Our team will seek to interact with the participants and speakers to demystify Islam and explain its rational foundations, and in light of the recent tragic events in Oslo they will articulate how Muslims and Islam are part of the solution for a peaceful, tolerant and compassionate society. The congress is based around the false assumption that humanism is the way forward for humanity, however we strongly believe that Islam is the world view that not only makes more sense but provides that objective grounding for our values and morals.

The team, who will be working in conjunction with a local dawah team from Islam Net, have arranged a marquee with dawah tables just outside the congress. They will have various pieces of literature including books explaining the rational foundations of Islam, audio CDs, and “The Big Debates” DVDs on Islam, humanism, atheism, Christianity and religion.

We are also preparing a leaflet specific to be distributed at the congress entitled “Can We Be Good without God?” which highlights that secular humanism has no objective grounding for claims to peace, tolerance and co-existence. It is only when our values and actions are grounded in God that they are objective, which in turn allows us to move away from social and cultural relativism. Additionally, the leaflet will highlight how secularism is part of the problem and not the solution, as secular values tend to be excessively individualist which have caused social breakdown and fragmentation.

The debate, organized through iERA’s The BIG Debates platform in conjunction with Islam Net, will be on “God: Fairy Tale or Truth?” Join us on the 15th August at Event Hall, Nils Hansens vei 4, 0667 Oslo. You can register for this event via IslamNet. On the 14th August Adnan Rashid and Hamza Tzortzis will participate in a conference entitled “For those who Desire Paradise”, see the Islam Net website for more details.

The leaflet “Can We Be Good without God?” will be available to read on OneReason.info
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