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iERA calls for calm at a time of widespread violence

iERA calls for calm at a time of widespread violence


In light of today’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, as well as the recent atrocities in Turkey, Nigeria and the ongoing crimes against humanity in Syria and Palestine, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) stress that we strongly condemn all acts of indiscriminate violence, terrorism and the killing of innocent people.

iERA is saddened by recent events and the continuing cycle of violence around the world. However, these events will only strengthen our resolve, ambition and motivation to create a society that is cohesive, peaceful and just.

iERA would like to reaffirm its well-established principles of dialogue, non-violence, and compassion. Our work is focused on conveying a holistic, intellectual and rational case for Islam, as well as removing the negative misconceptions fanned by the mainstream media and elements of the political establishment.

It is important to note that we must not allow such events to create divisions and hatred. It is unfortunate that there is always an increase in Islamophobic attacks, particularly against Muslim women in the aftermath of these heinous crimes. This Islamophobia must stop, and iERA’s work presents the solution to the irrational hatred of Islam and Muslims.

iERA’s Head of Public Relations and Media, Mohammed Hussain, said:

“Islam’s position towards the taking of innocent life is well-known. Today’s unfortunate incident, as well the ongoing cases of injustice elsewhere is a testimony that in a world absent of human compassion and divine guidance, oppression and bloodshed have sadly become the norm.

“No acts of terrorism have any Islamic basis in the Qur’an or the Prophetic tradition. iERA have been at the forefront of educating Muslims and non-Muslims what Islam says about these issues and that we must all strive for justice and mutual respect.

“iERA would like to take this opportunity to advise the British media and the government to be responsible and mindful of how they respond to the Brussels attacks. A knee-jerk reaction in the form of military retaliation or the passing of more draconian policies which disproportionately target Muslims is not the answer. Indeed violence begets violence, and ignorance breeds ignorance.”

iERA will be starting new campaigns to show that Islam as a religion is not only the antithesis to terrorism and extremism within religion, but in fact the cure to it.

We believe that it is now time to stop hiding behind empty slogans and urge the Muslim community to convey Islam’s ethical approach to these issues.

With the permission of Allah, this will dispel myths and promote peace on a grassroots level, and refute those that aim to cause havoc, death and destruction.

Notes to editors:

The Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) is a UK-based charity dedicated to providing a better understanding of Islam in order to create a more peaceful and harmonious society.

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