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From Hinduism To Islam in Huddersfield


Over the August Bank Holiday Weekend,  iERA’s Mission Dawah team visited Huddersfield to deliver talks, training and engage the local community in discussion about Islam, as part of their ‘Dawah Weekend Programme’.

The weekend event was held at Jamia Salafia Masjid. The programme kicked off on Friday evening with an motivational talk by Salahuddin Patel who shared his journey to Islam with the attendees. The talk was entitled ‘Reincarnation to Reformation – A Journey from Hinduism to Islam’.

As part of the weekends itinerary, Salahuddin also took the opportunity to launch iERA’s ‘Convey One Verse’ campaign. The campaign is designed to convey one verse of the Quran via small dawah initiation cards, which have beautiful images along with a verse of the Qur’an printed on it. The main objective of the Convey One Verse cards is to make engaging in conversation with the wider public easier, especially for Muslims that are new to giving dawah. There are 18 beautifully designed new cards that are part of the Convey One Verse campaign which can be ordered here from iERA Shop.

On the morning of Saturday 29th August 2015, Salahuddin Patel delivered iERAs Dawah Training course explaining our trademark GORAP methodology, which explains how to articulate an intellectual and compassionate message of Islam to the wider public.

The training consisted of theoretical arguments and practical role plays, and this sparked a lot of excitement amongst the attendees who were keen to implement what they had learnt. After the Dhuhr prayer, the attendees took to the busy high street of Huddersfield and engaged in many positive interactions about Islam using the Convey One Verse flyers. The community of Huddersfield were fascinated to learn about Islam offers, which helped clear many misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

‘Islam Bradford’, a local dawah organisation had learnt that iERA and Salahuddin Patel were doing a Dawah programme, and they invited Salahuddin to deliver a talk to their members about his journey to Islam from Hinduism. The event was a great success and led to many interesting questions, and many of the reverts from Bradford who attended said they related to their challenges faced by new Muslims. As a result of this event, Islam Bradford have invited iERA in October to deliver a Weekend Dawah Program to their local community.

On Sunday 30th August 2015, Salauddin delivered iERA’s ‘Now Ready to Grow’ (NRG) training in Huddersfield. The training is part of iERA’s Muslim Now department which is dedicated to welcoming and empowering new Muslims.

The NRG training consisted of three main components: inviting new Muslims into the community, training and educating them so they can learn how to practice Islam, and finally empowering them so they have the tools to overcome the everyday challenges which will allow them to become positive members of society.

The training was a resounding success and members of the community vowed to help Huddersfield’s new Muslims, as well as committing to host iERA’s Step by Step 12-week educational programme for new Muslims.

Additionally, as a result of this weekend’s iERA Dawah Program, Jamia Salafia Masjid in Huddersfield have promised to run a regular weekend dawah stall on the local high street.