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Giving Dawah: First Principles


Every field of enquiry has first principles, including science. Science presumes nature is uniform. I.e. causes work uniformly in the physical world. In other words, the same cause comes into play in related situations, and these causes are predictable. For example, science assumes that the gravitational forces at work on a falling tree are related to those at work on other falling objects.

These first principles are the lenses in which we use to further our knowledge and understand reality. Without them, we become paralysed intellectually.

Hamza Tzortzis discusses the Islamic first principle of the fitrah; the innate nature or primordial state. He explains how the fitrah becomes clouded via social upbringing and influences. He also shares valuable advice for those willing to convey the message to people without getting entangled into the labyrinths of arguments.

This lecture was delivered in April 2018 to active volunteers from Dawah Now in Kuwait.

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