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In iERA we have a number of different volunteering opportunities

1. iERA Core volunteers (minimum 10 hours per week)

Areas of involvement include research, fundraising, events, administration, the IT team, media, production and many more. We are looking for confident, motivated and qualified individuals. Applicants should be dedicated, committed to the task at hand and must be willing to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week of service on site or from home (inclusive of conference call hours, research and training hours). They preferably should have attended a dawah training course that iERA offers nationwide.

2. Local dawah team volunteers (minimum 3 hours per week)

Whatever skills or experience you possess we would like to hear from you. You should be willing to set aside a minimum of 3 hours per week for iERA’s voluntary work. Applicants will be put into their respective regional teams and will work with team leaders on upcoming projects

3. iERA helpers (available only with notice)

Suitable for those who like to spend their time in pursuit of a great cause, but have a tight schedule. We are particularly interested to hear from professionals who can add real value. We will add you to our database and notify you in advance of upcoming projects that you may be able to help with. This way you could take a couple of days/hours off your schedule for volunteering for iERA whenever it is convenient for you.


If you have any questions regarding volunteering for iERA, please email [email protected]