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Free Cupcakes in Leicester Square!


On the evening of Wednesday 8th July 2015, as part of the Islamic Education and Research Academy’s (iERA) “Who Do You Love?” campaign, volunteers distributed more than 300 free cupcakes to the public in London’s iconic Leicester Square, and sharing the sweetness of faith which Islam brings.

iERA’s head of Education and Research, Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, explains the reasons for the event that took place during the month of Ramadan when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset:

“At a time where the wider British public are bombarded with negative messages about Islam and Muslims, we felt it was necessary to encourage the Muslim community to share gifts – in this case delicious cupcakes – and educate their fellow citizens on the peaceful, tolerant and compassionate message of Islam.

“What makes tonight difficult is that we’re fasting for Ramadan so won’t be able to taste any of the cupcakes till sunset!”

iERA volunteers across the country are regularly involved in positive outreach activities, with many more such activities on the way.