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Food for thought – Look what we’ve been cooking!

Food for thought – Look what we’ve been cooking!


Feast your eyes on this:

North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and finally OceaniaWe are officially in six continents across the globe! All praise to God!

Our nineteen outreach specialists around the globe have taken 1,767 shahadas, have supported 1,896 new Muslims and taught 1,356 how to pray. We have also distributed over 223,000 materials to over 99 countries and delivered 263 exhibitions, events and lectures.

That is just in the last 6 months alone! Here are some highlights:


Malawi – the “Warm Heart of Africa,” exudes friendliness. It’s common for strangers to wave and greet visitors as if they know them. iERA felt more than welcome when we last visited in July 2018 to unveil our mosque, masjid Hannah (built from scratch by the locals).

Clear skies and bright stars make Malawi thrilling for stargazers. Since our last visit our very own star Uthman Abu Bakr, a member of the iERA Malawi Outreach team, along with the four other team members have been travelling the country inviting people to Islam, providing local Muslim community support, and training New Muslims how to pray.

A key highlight is when sixty-five people embraced Islam with Uthman Abu Bakr, in the village of Thyolela.


Filipinos are kind, friendly people; extremely welcoming and curious. They always seem happy and smiling, and they love to celebrate whenever there is an occasion to do so.

Fadhli Burhani, our outreach specialist in the region, certainly gave them a reason to celebrate. An entire church congregation of 130 members, including the Pastor, embraced Islam in Balasan on the Island of Iloilo.

If you are into crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, you’re in the right country. The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands. It’s not hard to find your dream island over there and have it all to yourself. We island hopped many places, not to enjoy the weather for ourselves, but to share the message of Islam.

In the village of Tingtingon on the Filipino Island of Cebu, 59 people embraced Islam after attending the lecture of another outreach specialist in the region, Abu Bakr Arabi, entitled “Why Islam is the chosen religion”.

An entire village of 215 people on the Island of Bantayan, from a predominantly Christian background, were mesmerised by passionate talks delivered by both Abu Bakr Arabi and Esa Khan. They conveyed the similarities between Islam and Christianity and the true message of the Prophet Jesus (as) which was to worship Almighty God alone.


Welcome on board Abdulah Hamimi, our first outreach specialist in this region. A student of philosophy, a board member at his local mosque, and a committed member of the community. He’s taken part in compassionate spreading the peaceful and rational message of Islam at universities up and down Australia.


Our most travelled outreach specialist by far has been Subboor Ahmad – who’s covered almost all of the Americas. Traversing across a plethora of Central American nations within a short time span held multiple objectives; building relations, surveying the landscape for the receptiveness of Islam and bright spotting future potential outreach specialists.

We currently have three outreach specialists residing within this continent; Fahad Tasleem (USA), Ayman Hammami (Honduras) and most recently Rafael Barajas (Mexico). However, there is some exciting news which will be unveiled shortly. Hint – it’s the largest country in North America, eh.


Subboor again. He spent a 10-day five-country tour of South American and oversaw the hiring of Bolivian Outreach Specialist – Jose Andrade. Jose has been tasked with conducting local dawah training, community work, relationship building and to headhunting potential outreach specialists in surrounding countries.

He doesn’t have to look too far for support though; from this trip, we hired three more outreach specialists to help him with his work; Pablo Rezuc (Chile), Nancy Bogado (Paraguay) and Omar Teheran (Peru).

Our outreach specialist Nancy, a native Paraguayan, has built an amazing personal relationship with an indigenous isolated tribe, deep in jungle terrain, who although have never come across the message of Islam before, had many similarities to the faith. They believed in one God, prostrated in prayer, made remembrance of God by invoking His name thirty-three times and also performing ablution before offering their daily prayers.