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End of Year Update – Abdurraheem Green


As-salamu’alaykum Brothers and Sisters

I pray this message reaches you in the best of health and eman.

Alhamdulillah, December has been a very busy month for iERA, and I want to use this opportunity to share some of the key activities from 2015, which your generous donations have funded.

Education and Research

The Education and Research department have been extremely busy this year empowering the Muslim community with the intellectual arguments to compassionately articulate the peaceful message of Islam to the wider community. Their work has also focussed on tackling narratives that question the existence of God, the prophethood of our beloved Messenger (peace be upon him), and the Islamic worldview in general.

Level 1 Dawah Training

The Education and Research team delivered dawah training to over 20 towns and cities in the UK, including Coventry, Bedford, Hertfordshire, London, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Leicester and Milton Keynes.

Advanced Level Formal and Bespoke Workshops

The Education and Research team delivered advanced education locally and internationally. The Eternal Challenge was delivered to hundreds of students in the UK and USA. The Divine Reality was delivered to hundreds of students in the UK, USA and Lebanon. A bespoke two-day course, No Doubt, was delivered in Michigan. This course addressed the intellectual foundations of Islam. A bespoke workshop on atheism was delivered at the US-based Qalam Institute. A dawah diploma course was designed and delivered to hundreds of students at the Islamic Online University.

Advanced Training in Madina to Students from the Islamic University of Medina

The Education and Research team travelled to the blessed city of Medina to deliver an advanced six-day workshop to international students from the Islamic University of Medina. For more information please do not miss inspiring and moving video of the trip:

The “Failed Hypothesis? Islam, the Qur’an and Science” workshop

The Education and Research team designed and delivered a new groundbreaking workshop, Failed Hypothesis? Islam, the Qur’an and Science, at the Queen Mary University of London. Due to the massive success of the inaugural Failed Hypothesis? workshop in London, there was an immediate demand in delivering it in other major cities in the UK. Consequently, iERA will be holding another workshop in Manchester on Saturday 16th January 2016.

University Lectures

The speakers from iERA’s Education and Research department continued to articulate an intelligent case for Islam at university campuses across the UK. The team spoke at over 20 universities, including King’s College, Nottingham University, SOAS, Southampton University, Liverpool University, Kent University, Edinburgh University, Cambridge University, Portsmouth University and Bristol University.

The Global Dawah Movement Show

The GDM (Global Dawah Movement) show is currently on its twenty-first episode, and to date, the team have comprehensively addressed popular academic objection to Islamic thought. The show also aims to empower the viewers to be able to articulate a rational case for Islam to the wider society.

You can watch all the GDM shows by clicking here.

Community Outreach

Throughout 2015, the Mission Dawah team have been delivering dawah training, engaging in community outreach, and contributing towards the expansion of the global movement of sharing Islam to the world. Destinations and institutions include: Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, Texas, Denmark, Turkey, Medina, Philadelphia, Michigan, Italy, Poland, Qatar, Hong Kong, Chicago, Canada, Australia, Japan, Palestine, Maldives, Dubai and Spain.

To read and more, visit the Mission Dawah Facebook page.

Support the Mission Dawah team in fulfilling the Prophetic vision of taking Islam into every home by donating here.

Global Messenger Day – Who Do You Love?

On Saturday 16th May 2015, thousands of Muslims from 53 countries spanning across six continents took part in the Global Messenger Day – Who Do You Love? campaign. This campaign was coordinated, designed and managed by the Education and Research team. For more information and to see what was achieved please watch this video:

The Eternal Challenge Book Launch

In November, the team launched a new book, “The Eternal Challenge: A Journey Through The Miraculous Qur’an” under its One Reason publications arm.

So far we have distributed 1502 physical copies of the book, 1,016 in the UK and 486 internationally. There have also been 955 downloads of the e-book.

In addition to that, over 9,000 copies have be distributed to university Islamic societies, mosques and local community dawah teams. The books are also available at the Darussalam bookshop in London.

Order your free copy now, for a limited time only by clicking here.

Essays and Articles

The education and research team have also been busy writing essays and articles on Islamic thought. Some of these include Denying God, Denying Reality: Why you don’t need any evidence for God’s existence, Divine Singularity: How Do We know God is One?, Is Islam Compatible with British Values?, Who Do You Love? Falling in Love with the Mercy to Humanity, God’s Testimony: The Inimitability and Divine Authorship of the Qur’an and How Islamic is the “Islamic State”?

You can read them and more by clicking here.

Public Relations and Media

In order to remove the obstacles that hinder the possibilities of Islam reaching the general masses, iERA’s PR and Media department have embarked on a number of groundbreaking initiatives that will be a reference point for Muslims in the UK. These include:

Collaborating with a number of grassroots Muslim organisations, scholars, academics and activists in launching a report on ‘normative Islam’.

Launched the ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ campaign in January 2015, which facilitates a platform for prominent figures of different religious and political persuasions to debate their differences.
iERA have successfully hosted three cross-panel discussions on free speech, British values and extremism, with high profile and leading activists, academics and scholars on the panel.
Working with lawyers specialising on media law to safeguard iERA from being maligned in the media.

In order to “project” Islam to the wider public, the dawah must first be “protected” from any unnecessary harm. Therefore, the above stated projects have been focussed on preventing any legal, political or social hindrances to inviting people to Islam.

iERA believe that it is important to empower the Muslim community with the confidence to calling people to Islam, and articulating Islamic beliefs and values in the media. Hence, iERA have taken a new approach to responding to socio-political issues, which directly affect the perception of the Islamic faith by issuing educational essays and press releases on the most contentious topics affecting the Muslim community.

You can catch up with the videos of all three cross panel events by clicking here.

One Community

In August 2015, iERA launched its new community department, with the aim to develop and drive national social campaigns by motivating Muslims to positively contribute to society.

Prior to the launch of One Community and thereafter, the department has led the following initiatives.

Click on the name for more information.

‘Muslim Winter Support’

A campaign to assist the elderly and needy by clearing their driveways of snow and with everyday chores.

‘Against Racism, Against Hatred’ Campaign

10 teams across the country ran the ARAH campaign to tackle racism in the light of rise in Islamophobic and anti-Semitic attacks. Over 10,000 Against Racism Booklets distributed around the country.

‘Islam is Green’

The launching of the new www.islamisgreen.org website and participation in two climate change marches’. Over 5,000 Islam is Green leaflets distributed at the marches.

‘Share Ramadan’ Project

Inviting non-Muslims to experience fasting in Ramadan as part of a nationwide campaign. A new booklet was created accompanied with three online videos, and a webinar to encourage Muslim to share Ramadan with their non Muslim friends and colleagues. 5000 Share Ramadan booklets distributed around the country.

‘Random Acts of Kindness’

A campaign consisting of spontaneous acts of kindness towards non-Muslims.
‘Make a child smile’ – Muslims visiting children in hospital dressed up as superheros and gifting them with presents.

‘Neighbourhood Cleanup’

Groups of Muslim volunteers across the UK who took to the street to clean up their neighbourhoods.

‘Right Up Your Street’ – Love Your Neighbour’

By following the prophetic tradition of ‘let them be kind to their neighbour’, the Muslim community were encouraged to prepare food or a gift to their neighbour.

‘Elderly Care Project

The Winter Warmth’ campaign is about providing essential items that can help keep the elderly warm, as well as forging links to keep them company on a regular basis, and become a means of support for them.

To set up a project like this in your local area, email the One Community team at: [email protected] or visit www.ouronecommunity.com.

Muslim Now

The Muslim Now department is dedicated to welcome, empower and provide education for new Muslims.

2015 has been a significant year for Muslim Now as it has re-launched its flagship 4-day new Muslim educational retreats! They are an all-inclusive and specifically designed to empower our new Muslim brothers and sisters from around the UK, and to develop them through their journey in Islam.

In April, we held our ‘Journey of Life’ retreat, and in August 2015, the second part – ‘The Journey of the Believers’ was held.

Around 35 new Muslims attended each retreat, and the impact it had on many of them were life-changing. From establishing their daily prayers, building their knowledge to putting it into practice, our brothers and sisters strengthened their foundations in Islam with the permission of Allah.

2015 also saw the ‘Now Ready to Grow’ training being delivered in numerous locations around the UK, as well as the ground-breaking ‘Step by Step’ course for new Muslims, not only in the UK but also internationally.

Watch this space for 2016, as Muslim Now will be bringing new services from a dedicated team of volunteers to help empower new Muslims and the Muslim community. Muslim Now is iERA’s new Muslim support department. The main objective is to provide resources to empower new Muslims in their journey through Islam, and to produce well balanced and contributing new Muslims.

Furthermore, resources, training and support for established Muslims to provide resources to foster ‘new Muslim friendly communities’ around the UK.

In 2015, the Muslim Now department accomplished the following:.

• The ‘Now Ready to Grow’ (NRG) mentoring course was delivered in various locations including Bedford, Birmingham, Cork, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Kuwait and elsewhere.
• A special series of webinars were delivered to help motivate new Muslims overcome their problems;
• Approximately 400 of our new Muslim welcome packs were posted out to new Muslims;
• The Muslim development programme called ‘Step by Step’ was delivered in local communities around the UK and abroad;
• ‘Step by Step’ training for ‘New Muslim Facilitators’ around the country and internationally;
• Held two 4-day educational retreats for new Muslims.

We Need Your Support!

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the work that we have embarked on this year which we intend on continuing in 2016, would not have been possible without the help of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), and through your consistent financial support.

I ask you all to continue supporting iERA for the sake of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), and for the betterment of His beautiful religion.

May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) reward you all abundantly in this life and the next, and count you amongst those which He (subhanahu wa ta’ala) says:

“Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining righteousness and forbidding evil. And it is they who are the successful.” [Surah Al Imran, verse 104]