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The Elderly Care Project: Winter Warmth Campaign


ECP_2This month, the One Community department of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) launched its final campaign of the year – and what an amazing one it was too!

As the cold weather settles in across the UK, the Winter Warmth Campaign was set up and rolled out nationally for teams to deliver the much-needed blankets, hot water bottles, hats, gloves and woolly jumpers to the elderly.

ECP_3Heading this initiative, One Community’s Director Abu Tayeb Khairdeen said:

“We don’t just want to give the elderly hats and blankets; we want to cheer them up! The weather is miserable and a lot of older people feel isolated and lonely. Perhaps we can comfort them by warming to them.”

ECP_4The campaign comes in the wake of shocking reports about the rise in winter deaths among the elderly in Britain, with 43,900 excess deaths in England and Wales last winter.

The One Community team in Newcastle were the first to kick this project off, with other teams following their lead. Many are also ready to carry out this campaign in January 2016.

To set up this campaign in your area, download the toolkit here.