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Dawah Training In Transit

Dawah Training In Transit


Being stuck in transit is a pain for most… not for iERA GCC Outreach Specialist Ali Beshara! When faced with an arduous nine-hour stopover in Jeddah, he utilised his time to deliver a short course on how to convey the call to Islam. Organising this course took place in such a short space of time that Ali was unable to announce it to people in Jeddah who may have been interested in attending.

iERA were invited by Sheikh Ahmed Al Zaylaey, Head of the Jeddah Awareness and Community Center which is one of the most active centres in Jeddah. The centre is an official dawah centre doing a wide range of activities, such non-Muslim outreach, new Muslim education and Muslim education in several languages etc.

The course was attended by employees and volunteers of the centre, one of whom was a revert priest from Ghana who accepted Islam eighteen months ago. He was one of the main priests in Ghana and his church had eleven branches, so far he has had about 315 shahadas since he accepted Islam.

Ali’s presentation included an introduction to dawah, characteristics of the daee (caller) and most importantly sincerity while doing this noble work. In addition to that, a practical role play of a dawah encounter was performed which was an eye opener for the attendees.

Whilst the role play was taking place, the attendees were asked to evaluate the conversations they were observing. Upon reflection, the self-evaluation helped to uncover areas of development when talking about Islam.

This short training course is the first step to iERA supporting their ongoing activities through further comprehensive dawah training and our materials.

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