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iERA Dawah Training For Madinah Universities Students


As part of iERAs development plan for the GCC region, iERA Outreach Specialist Ali Beshara was invited to introduce iERAs Dawah methodology, GORAP, during a two-day course about utilizing the English language to become a walking Islamic exhibit in Madinah Al-Munawarah on the 9th of February 2018.

We were invited by Dr Khalid Aldossary, founder of Effective Islamic English Cross-Cultural Communication (EIECC Program/Academy) in an initiative to increase cooperation between iERA and the EIECC.

The training took place in the Students of Knowledge Care Society in Madinah and was attended by representatives from more than 11 countries including The Philippines, Mexico, Ghana and others. Attendees were mostly students in Madinah Universities studying Dawah, Fiqh, Quran, Law etc and there was a mixture of PhD, Masters and Bachelor Students.

More than 50 people attended and this is an important step forward for advancing the Prophetic Mission as it’s vital to empower them with our dawah techniques so that they implement them in conveying the call when they get back to their countries.

The general feedback was that the students found the methodology useful and effective in dealing with Muslim and Non-Muslim interactions. It avoids the argumentation and focuses on the main essence of Islam rather than the side issues.

Another outcome of this training was iERA making contact with another PhD student who specialized in dawah who has offered to help in translating iERAs Dawah Training Course into the Arabic language. This is one of our objectives to get the course delivered in Arabic to Arab speaking community living abroad.