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Dawah In The Holy Land


On Friday 24 July 2015, a week after Eid ul-Fitr 1436, the Islamic Education and Research Academy’s (iERA) Mission Dawah team held a historic dawah training course with ‘Dar Assalaam Introduction to Islam’, a local community outreach group based in Jerusalem.

This was an unprecedented event in the Holy Land, a place where all the Prophets of God (peace be upon them all) have prayed. The Al Aqsa complex which houses both the Dome of the Rock and Masjid Al Aqsa, also known as the Qibla Masjid is the third holiest site for Muslims. The Holy City of Jerusalem is a place where Muslims, Christians and people of the Jewish faith practice their religion together as it houses their holiest sites – for Christians The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and for the Jews the Western wall also know as the wailing wall.

The day started with the team meeting up at Masjid Al Aqsa for fajr prayer, after which they headed to a city just outside Nazareth to collect the dawah materials from the Dar Assalaam Centre. These included educational books, prayer pamphlets and copies of the Qur’an, all in many different languages. There were two teams that went out to different locations, one team stayed in Nazareth whilst the other team went to Jaffa in Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.

The street dawah was very successful and it led to many positive and engaging conversations, with both local people and tourists showing a keen interest in Islam and its positive teachings.

After the Jummuah prayer, the team continued with street dawah activities before heading back for the dawah training course at the Dar Assalaam Centre. After the Asr prayer, the dawah training course delivered by Salahuddin Patel commenced. The talk comprised of his journey to Islam and why it is important to get involved in dawah, and its historical significance in the Holy Land.

After a short break, the training was delivered, covering topics ranging from the importance and benefits of dawah, types of interactions, dealing with uncomfortable questions, before going into iERA’s trademark ‘GORAP’ methodology. The team benefited greatly from the course, and brother Tarik, the ameer of the Dar Assalaam team, said that this training was fantastic, and will assist conveying the message of Islam to the masses. He stated his planned intentions to deliver regular dawah training courses in the future using the same content.

The team also visited many historical sites during the trip, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and the Prophet Moses Mosque in Jericho. The training and street dawah campaign was very successful, as many people learnt how to articulate the message of Islam in a warm, compassionate and positive manner.

With the permission and blessings of Allah (ﷻ), this training also helped facilitate several people accepting Islam, including two men from Italy and a man from Brazil. iERA have now developed a strong relationship with the Dar Assalaam Team and hope to be working closer together to help deliver the message of Islam across Holy Land insha’Allah.