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Contemporary Discussion on Islam, Atheism and Evolution

Contemporary Discussion on Islam, Atheism and Evolution


Universities are a place of learning, sharing and open discussion. iERA was invited by the Islamic Society at the University of Essex to deliver a talk on Islam, Atheism and Evolution as part of their Eman Revival week.

iERA Outreach Specialist Subboor Ahmad delivered a presentation on how to address popular Atheist narratives from an Islamic point of view.

Very little about Islam’s view on contemporary issues are known on campus, even though there is a very high Muslim student population ranging from undergraduate through to professorial level in British universities.

The lecture was well attended by students from across the University Of Essex. It included information about the sociological issues around Darwinian evolution as well as the philosophy of science and what the actual theory is based upon.

The key takeaway for the audience was that the theory has nothing to do with Atheism. It also highlighted that Science is not the only way of looking at the world.

This naturally prompted lots of positive interaction during the lecture and the question and answer session. With questions ranging from ‘How do we know what truth is?’ to general questions about the atheist worldview.

You can watch a part of the lecture here:

After such a positive event, iERA look forward to future engagements at the University of Essex.

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