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Closing Statement on the Report by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Closing Statement on the Report by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain


Saturday 31st May 2014

London, UK – Following the publication of a report entitled Evangelising Hate: Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB), iERA issued a press release (21st May 2014) where we highlighted the inaccuracies and misrepresentations this report is riddled with. Sadly, a fact that seems to have been ignored by some journalists from leading British newspapers who saw fit to run a story based on this contrived report.

In order to not descend into a pointless back and forth with this questionable organisation (which has incidentally had its application for charitable status rejected) we deem that this matter needs no further response from us, save our initial press release.

Furthermore, we’re disheartened that no one from the CEMB has responded to our open invitation to have a roundtable discussion where they can air their concerns and issues about the religion of Islam and our work specifically. Regrettably, this further deepens the mistrust of this organisation and their agenda-driven activities.

Finally, iERA is an organisation that represents mainstream Islam and Muslims in the UK and internationally. The response from the Muslim community has been humbling and overwhelming to the point where we did not need to make a detailed rebuttal of the so-called report as others have done such a professional and proficient job.

A number of publications and media outlets have written their own responses to this situation, dissecting the report and exposing the true reality of its authors.

1 – “Islamic charity rejects report labelling it as a ‘hate group’” by Sam Burne James, Third Sector Online

2 – “Let’s Be Serious the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain is Wasting Our Time by Fakhruddin Al-Qari, The Old Man

3 – “‘Hate-Evangelising’ Telegraph Uses Extremist Material in its Report on IERA” by Coolness of Hind

4 – “Evangelising Lies: Exposing the Distortions of the Council of Ex-Muslim of Britain’s & Maryam Namazie’s “Report” on iERA” by  Islam21c.com

5 – “Ex-Muslims’ campaign of hatred against iERA” by Islam21c.com

6 – “iERA responds to The Telegraph’s ‘anti-Semitism’”  By 5Pillarz

7 – “Maryam Namazie – The Profile of an Islamophobe” by Mushy Peas

8 – “7 Reasons Why People Love iERA (and it explains why a few hate)” by Abu Maryam. United Muslims Blog


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