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Changing The Face Of Islam In Europe


The total number of Muslims in Europe (excluding Turkey) in 2010 was about 44 million (6% of the total population), according to estimates by the Pew Forum. With such a vibrant and growing community, having the skills to continue the Prophetic Mission in a warm, friendly and compassionate manner is no longer a nicety but a necessity!

To that end, iERA invited a group of imams and leaders from across Europe for six-day specialist dawah training course with a number of key strategic objectives in mind.

Despite living in relatively close proximity, these individuals had never come together for a common goal before, and so iERA’s first objective of bringing them together was achieved.

Representatives from Austria, France, Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Spain and Sweden convened in London for a historic week of team building, networking and specialist training. By the end of the training, unshakeable foundations of love and brotherhood had been formed between them that will now continue long into the future, with many intercontinental collaborations being developed. With that, iERA’s second objective of strengthening the dawah across Europe was achieved.

The focus of the week was iERA’s educational programme including its trademark GORAP conversation framework. Detailed presentations along with intense discussion sessions on a range of topics from – the ‘Fitrah’ or innate disposition, ‘Everyone Has To Worship the Creator’, to the ‘Philosophy of Science’.

Sessions were delivered by various specialists from iERA including Hamza Tzortzis who focused on ‘The Timeless Qur’an’, Imran Hussein who examined the ‘Prophetic Truth’, Subboor Ahmad who explored, ‘Does Science Lead To Atheism?’ and Murtaza Chaudhary who delivered the most important session on how to welcome and empower New Muslims after they embrace Islam.

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Over the course of the week, the training got progressively more difficult in content and duration, however, the attendees showed they were more than capable and determined to see things through. This was exemplified when they willingly volunteered to complete a 14-hour shift to finish off the content on the final day!

Thus, iERA’s third and final objective of empowering the attendees with the knowledge and skills to confidently and compassionately convey the call to Islam was achieved.

The week culminated with an emotional farewell, with each attendees having many valuable lessons to take away. Each attendee will now return to their respective European countries armed with an action plan to implement practically on the ground. iERA will continue to support each of them with ongoing training, guidance, reminders, materials, campaigns and much more inshaa’Allah.