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Chairman Update – October 2015 – Abdurraheem Green


As-salamu’alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

I pray you receive this message in the best of health and eman.

Subhan’Allah, October has been a very busy month for iERA, and I want to use this opportunity to inform you of some of the key activities your generous donations have funded.

Public Relations and Media

‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ – Is Islam The Cause or Solution to Extremism?

iERA’s Public Relations and Media team held the third ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ event on Friday 16th October 2015 at the Queen Mary University of London. The event was chaired by the renowned British journalist, Peter Oborne, the former Chief Political Commentator of The Daily Telegraph.

He was joined by Peter Tatchell (Peter Tatchell Foundation), Zara Huda Faris (Muslim Debate Initiative), Dr Anas Altikriti (Cordoba Foundation), Hamza Tzortzis (iERA), Mohammed Amin (Conservative Muslim Forum) and Fiyaz Mughal (Tell MAMA and Faith Matters), to discuss the criminalisation of normative Islam and causes of extremism.

The debate was attended by journalists from leading media outlets, including the BBC, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Channel 4, Press TV, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Islam Channel and 5Pillars. Expectedly, the topic of extremism in light of the UK Government’s proposed Counter-Extremism Bill was bound to attract journalists, academics, activists and university students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Prior to the debate, iERA’s Head of PR and Media, Mohammed Hussain, responded to Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments on madrassas at the Conservative Party Conference, as well as featuring on a Sky News debate with Dr Afzal Ashraf from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) on the UK Government’s new counter-extremism strategy.

Watch the full Is Islam The Cause or Solution to Extremism? debate.

You can also watch the full debate on Islam and British values, which took place in June 2015, and was aired on Islam Channel on Saturday 3rd October here.

One Community

Black History Month – An Islamic Perspective

As part of One Community’s Against Racism, Against Hatred campaign, a host of speakers and organisations from various backgrounds came together to discuss the role of black people in Islamic history, share experiences of being black and Muslim, and to explore Islam’s solution to racism. Organisers hoped this exciting initiative would help tackle prejudice and discrimination, and promote greater understanding between people from different communities.

The ‘Islam and Black History’ event in Newcastle featured presentations from Jamal Richards (Deen Riders),Councillor Alyas Karmani (Street UK), Raymond Douglas (Anti-Youth Violence), Samar Asamoah (Yerzack), Daniel Kebede (United Against Facism), Ayaat Bashir (IDC North East) and Laura Pidcock (Show Racism the Red Card).

The ‘Islam and Black History’ event at Smethwick included talks from Raymond Douglas (Anti Youth Violence), Abu Bakr Islam (Roadside to Islam), Councillor Alyas Karmani (STREET UK), and politically conscious poetry from Abdul Karim (Sunnah Poems).

An article covering iERA’s Islam and Black History initiative was covered in the famous ‘One Voice’ blog site. You can read the article here.


To set up a project like this in your local area, email the One Community team at: info@ouronecommunity.com or visit www.ouronecommunity.com.

Education and Research

The Education and Research department have been immersed in empowering the Ummah with the intellectual arguments to tackle popular propagandist ideas that question the existence of God, the prophethood of our beloved Messenger (peace be upon him), and the Islamic worldview in general.

The Global Dawah Movement Show

The Global Dawah Movement (GDM) show is currently on its eighteenth episode, and to date, the team have robustly dealt with major flaws within the scientific, atheistic, sceptic and secular liberal theories regarding man, life and universe. This month, the GDM show covered the fallacy of scientific miracles in the Quran, tolerance in Islam, illogical atheistic assumptions, and Darwinian social fallacies.

Click here to watch all the GDM shows.

Our head of Education and Research, Hamza Tzortzis, is in the final stages of completing his book on atheism. The book will be published by a reputable publisher insha’Allah!

In addition to this, the Mission Dawah team have been delivering dawah training courses abroad, preparing for Islamic Awareness Week, and producing academic essays on evolution.

On the 8th and 9th October 2015, Salahuddin Patel travelled to Doha to deliver talks, training and street dawah with the Qatar Dawah Movement. The weekend event was held at Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammed Al Thani Charitable Association. Read more about his trip here.

Salahuddin is also making preparations for Islamic Awareness Week on UK university campuses by liaising directly with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), in disseminating iERA’s literature, materials and narrative to students of all faiths and none.

The research team are currently writing a new book on evolution, which is going to cover the philosophy of science and the construction of the evolution theory.

Imran Hussein has just finished the first draft of an essay on atheistic assumptions, which will be ready in early November inshaa’Allah.

Support the Mission Dawah team in fulfilling the Prophetic vision of taking Islam into every home by donating here.

Eternal Challenge Book Launch

Next month, the Education and Research team will be officially launching iERA’s new book: ‘The Eternal Challenge: A Journey Through the Miraculous Quran’. This will include a national book tour and book launch with the author, Abu Zakariya, at the London Muslim Centre on Tuesday 24th November 2015.


We Need Your Support!

Brothers and sisters, the work that we have carried out in October and intend on doing in the coming months, would not have been possible without the help of Allah (ﷻ), and through your generous donations.

I ask you all to continue supporting iERA physically, verbally, and financially for the sake of Allah (ﷻ) and the betterment of Islam.

May Allah (ﷻ) reward you all abundantly in this life and the Hereafter, and count you amongst the successful, about which He (ﷻ) says:

“Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining righteousness and forbidding evil. And it is they who are the successful.”

[Surah Al Imran, verse 104]