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Helping The Homeless In London

On the evening of Saturday 30th January 2016, iERA’s One Community team based in London took to the streets of Charing Cross to hand out chicken and rice food parcels, along with water that was generously donated by a family from the Muslim community. The One Community volunteers launched the ‘Help the Homeless’ campaign, an […]

Tying Revert Organisations Together

On Sunday 24th January 2016, iERA’s Muslim Now department was invited to the second Ties UK conference by Ameena Blake, at the Muslim Student House in Birmingham. The event was organised to help support organisations working with new Muslims. The event started with registration and refreshments, followed by opening statements from Ties UK. Three interesting […]

Warming Up The Elderly In London

On Tuesday 19th January 2016, iERA took part in a local community event in conjunction with Kilburn Sainsbury’s and ‘Elders Voice’, a small charity in the heart of Kensal Green, which has been working with older people since 1993. iERA purchased and distributed much-needed winter items to the elderly from a fund that was generously […]

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Islam and Black History Event Videos Online

The videos from our Islam and Black History events in October are now being released weekly online. As part of the ‘Against Racism, Against Hatred’ campaign, the ‘Islam and Black History’ events were organised to coincide with ‘Black History Month’ in the UK, giving us an opportunity to educate the general public on the heritage […]

Ongoing Neighbourhood Cleanup Efforts

Teams across the UK have continued the Neighbourhood Cleanup campaign in their local areas. The team in East Ham were on the streets on the 15th of December and engaged with their local community as they cleaned the local high street. Amazing work and great engagement with the community. Why not set up a Neighbourhood […]

Good news from the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ campaign!

After launching the ‘Right Up Your Street: Love your Neighbour’ campaign in November, the Iqbal family in Stockton carried out the initiative by frying up some lovely samosas and pakoras for their next door neighbours, along with a “Gift from your Neighbour” booklet. What happened next shows the beauty of this prophetic tradition in looking […]

The Elderly Care Project: Winter Warmth Campaign

This month, the One Community department of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) launched its final campaign of the year – and what an amazing one it was too! As the cold weather settles in across the UK, the Winter Warmth Campaign was set up and rolled out nationally for teams to deliver the […]

iERA At The Refugees Welcome Here Rally

On Wednesday 4th November 2015, Salahuddin Patel from the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) attended the ‘Refugees Welcome Rally’, which was organised by Stand up to Racism. The event was held at the Camden Centre in King Cross, and was attended by many high profile speakers who came to talk about the latest refugee crisis. The […]

Muslim community groups come together to clean-up South Tyneside park

Two community groups have been leading the fight against fly-tipping. Volunteers from UK Islamic organisations One Community and the Islamic Diversity Centre (IDC) embarked on their Clean-Up campaign at the Riverside Park, in Hebburn, South Tyneside. Both organisations hope to have a big impact clearing the mess caused by fly tipping and anti-social conduct in […]