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New Dawah Campaign – ‘Who Do You Love?’ Goes Global!

The recent launch of the Islamic Education and Research Academy’s ‘Who Do You Love Campaign’ has been globally welcomed! The aim of the campaign is to empower Muslims to explain to the general public why they love and follow the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in word and deed. The campaign also seeks to train them on […]


[info] TOPIC: Anti Racism CAMPAIGN TYPE: Street Survey WHAT DO YOU NEED: A minimum of two people to conduct the survey. WHERE CAN YOU DO THIS: Anywhere! TESTIMONIAL: “Subhana Allah. Look at how many Muslims and non-Muslims unite for the sake of humanity against racism and hatred. This form of Dawah in the west is […]

‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ Campaign

[info] CAMPAIGN TYPE: Debate, Dialogue TESTIMONIAL: “This campaign is very important in the current climate where free speech is regularly applied to offend, mock and degrade people who you disagree with.” – Dilly Hussain, Journalist [/info]   • INTRODUCTION TO CAMPAIGN • FURTHER INFORMATION • EVENT: THE BIG QUESTION: HOW FREE IS SPEECH? • OTHER CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES INTRODUCTION TO […]