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Does Life Equal Suffering?

Recently, iERA Outreach Specialist Kyoichiro Sugimoto in Japan has had ample opportunities to speak with Buddhists extensively with regards to their perspective of life. From his discussions, their perspective is that life equals suffering — in summary, life does not always go the way we would like it to go. Firstly, we are born into […]

Hajj – A Journey To The Hereafter

There is a journey all of us have to make before we die – and that is a journey to the hereafter (akhirah). Now, you may be asking, how is it possible to make such a journey before we die? This journey is none other than Hajj. This annual pilgrimage is a supreme expression of […]

Does Science Lead To Atheism?

Saqib Ali
On Thursday 15th March 2018, iERA CEO Hamza Andreas Tzortzis was invited by the University of Southampton Islamic Society (ISOC) to deliver a lecture on whether ‘Science leads to Atheism’. The auditorium was packed with students, academics and people from the wider community. Many Muslims and non-Muslims were in attendance. iERA have been visiting the […]

Introducing iERA’s GORAP Dawah Conversation Framework

What is GORAP? GORAP is iERA’s dawah conversation framework based on a Qur’anic methodology. It  allows you to take any conversation about Islam directly to the foundations of the religion. The acronym stands for God’s Existence, Oneness, Revelation, And Prophethood. God’s Existence The ‘G’ of GORAP stands for God (or God’s existence), and one of […]

God: Delusion or Simple Conclusion?

As part of their Discover Islam Week, iERAs Hamza Tzortzis was invited by the Cardiff University Islamic Society (ISOC) to deliver a lecture entitled: ‘God: Delusion or Simple Conclusion?’ at Cardiff University. Hamza spoke about metaphysical first principles and the argument from dependency also referred to as the argument from contingency. These type of lectures usually […]

Turn The Tables – Prove God Doesn’t Exist!

After the highly successful seminar entitled “The Problem of Evil and Suffering”, Muta Danyro, Head of the Islamic Society at the University of West London, was keen to invite iERA Outreach Specialist Murtaza Chaudhary back to the university for a follow-up seminar. Muta felt there was a pressing need to get the ISOC members interested […]

Not In Jesus’ Name – Paul’s Christianity?

Was Paul a faithful follower of Jesus, or the inventor of a new religion? This may seem like a provocative question as it’s taken for granted that following one automatically means you are following the other. As we are going to analyse, this couldn’t be further from the truth as they both taught very different things […]

He Died For Our Sins – Was Jesus Really Crucified?

Throughout history, heroic tales of self-sacrifice have always appealed to mankind. The notion of Jesus sacrificing himself to redeem us is a noble one, and undoubtedly is an aspect of Christianity that resonates deeply with its followers. Although it’s an emotional and perhaps beautiful notion, is it true, was Jesus really crucified?