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Canada Can’t Get Enough of iERA!

Canada Can’t Get Enough of iERA!


The end of November saw iERA once again make a trip ‘across the pond’ to Toronto, Canada to fulfil the promises we made on our last visit of further training and empowerment to continue conveying the call.

iERA’s Outreach Specialist Subboor Ahmad kicked off the action-packed 4-day trip on Friday 24th November with an oversubscribed lecture on Islam, Evolution and Atheism.

The talk highlighted how science changes and not the absolute, where there is nothing within evolutionary biology that would lead to atheism. Subboor also gave the rapt audience a multi-layered and multi-levelled approach to understanding science and the Qur’an.

The content covered was too much to handle which resulted in an impromptu hour-long question and answer session after the talk. Audience members of all ages and backgrounds took advantage of the opportunity to have their burning questions answered by Subboor Ahmad.

Over the course of the following two days, we held two dawah training courses, one in Mississauga and the other in Scarborough, both of which were fully attended.

iERA’s Subboor Ahmad commented that “there’s a stark contrast in terms of attitude towards an event such as this between the Canadian and British audiences. In Canada, they seem to implore such opportunities; exerting a high level of interest and eagerness to learn – improving their overall delivery of conveying the message of Islam.”

The training was organised attended by members of i3, Canada Dawah and the Anatolia Islamic Centre. Among them were students of knowledge who engaged with the content, grasping the concepts almost immediately. The area of the training which created the most talking points amongst them was on how to welcome and empower new Muslims.

This four-day trip concluded on Monday 27th November with Subboor Ahmad and the local Street Dawah Team venturing out into Downtown Toronto. A number of people spoke candidly to the team on the street (here is some video footage) of why it is important for Muslims to convey the peaceful message of Islam to the Non-Muslim public.

However, one passerby’s awe-inspiring story had a physically emotional impact on the whole team.

A twenty year old by the name of Anthony, stopped Subboor, in August 2017 he had been diagnosed with brain and lung cancer and according to his Doctors, only had a few month left. As his life is coming to an end he decided to give $40,000 of his own money to a Children’s charity. Anthony described being fed up with pep talks and empty platitudes and had an impetus to search for the truth and thus asked Subboor a multitude of impertinent questions on the topic of Islam.

Anthony acknowledged his belief in God and how faith is important to him personally as he is of Jewish descent. Subboor spoke to him about the Prophet peace be upon him, the Bani Israel (Sons of Israel) – how they were the earlier Muslims and what Islam is. Subboor also covered other rudimentary areas of Islam, explaining how the Prophet peace be upon him is connected to all the other Prophets, in essence pointing out that all paths lead back to God. Anthony seemed very interested, other duaat also gave advice to him. However, whilst Anthony was explaining

even one of the daee when hearing his story began to cry, which set off a chain reaction of tears amongst the team. Subboor made a note of Anthony’s contact details and will remain in contact with him, the other dawah team members will follow up on contacting Anthony, may Allah (swt) lead him to the truth.

Overall, it has been a moving, powerful and inspiring trip. With the permission of Allah (swt) iERA’s ability to have a global impact continues.

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