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Building Community Ties in Crawley, Surrey


On Saturday 1st August 2015, iERA’s Mission Dawah team were invited to deliver a one day dawah training course in the town of Crawley, Surrey.

The training was delivered by Salahuddeen Patel to an audience of more than 40 Muslims. He showed the attendees how to articulate a positive and intelligent case for Islam to the wider non-Muslim community by using iERA’s trademark GORAP methodology.

After an engaging training session in the morning, the attendees were keen to put what they had learned into practice, so they made their way to Crawley town centre.

On the streets of Crawley, the dawah carriers handed out leaflets and booklets, as well as engaging in many positive discussions about Islam, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the community.

Local resident and event organiser, Nadeem Ashraf also gave tips on how to engage members of the public from his vast experience as a street fundraiser.

The day ended with the local imam, Sheikh Abdul Majid stating that he looks forward to continuing the positive work, building strong ties with the local community, as well as working with the youth so they can positively contribute to the community of Crawley.