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Bringing Islam To Hastings


The Dawah Weekend Program was held at Hastings Mosque, the only mosque in the seaside town, and the weekend kicked off on Friday evening with a motivational talk by Salahuddin Patel, who shared his Journey to Islam. The talk was entitled, “Reincarnation to Reformation – A Journey from Hinduism to Islam”.

Ruhel Chowdhury who had organised the event and chaired the talk, spoke about the importance of attending these gatherings, and to engage with members of the public, by conveying the message of Islam and addressing popular misconceptions.

The following day, the talk on Saturday the 2nd January, Salahuddin Patel delivered iERA’s Dawah Training course, explaining the trademark ‘GORAP’ methodology on how to articulate a compassionate and intellectual case for Islam to the wider public. The training consisted of highlighting the importance of the local community being involved in dawah, theoretical arguments, practical role plays, and the attendees were keen to apply what they had learnt.

The training continued until Asar, and then the attendees took to the busy seaside resort of Hastings, and as part of this year’s “Christmas Dawah Campaign”, engaged in positive discussions about Islam. The message of Islam was initiated by using the “Convey One Verse” mini flyers, and by distributing One Reason’s new publication, “The Eternal Challenge, A Journey Through The Miraculous Qur’an”. You can order copies of the Eternal Challenge here.

The local community of Hastings were fascinated to learn about Islam and the status of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) in our religion. The interactions also helped clear many misconceptions about Islam and Muslims during the New Year Period, and one person decided to accept Islam by taking his shahadah.

As a result of this weekend’s iERA’s Dawah Program, the local Muslims of Hastings are dedicated to run regular dawah activities, and will be looking to invite iERA for further training for the community, including Muslim Now’s “Now Ready to Grow” and “Step by Step” courses.