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Borehamwood Interfaith Event

Borehamwood Interfaith Event


On Sunday July 9th 2017, iERA was invited by Borehamwood Mosque to give a talk to the local community as part of an Interfaith community tour event, in memory of Jo Cox, murdered in June 2016. Faith leaders of the three Abrahamic faiths, Islam, Christianity and Judaism opened the doors of their respective religious buildings and invited guests into their places of worship to explain how they worshipped, in a local show of celebration and unity.

The Hertsmere Forum of Faiths joined forces with local groups as part of the Great Get Together. Many people from the local community were in attendance, including the Mayor of Borehamwood, along with the local police and safer neighbourhood team. People of all faiths were represented by other visitors, as the aim was to build stronger community bonds between different local congregations. The local tour began at the Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue where Rabbi Chaim Kanterovitz and Stephen Forman explained the Jewish faith and practice to guests.

The tour continued to Borehamwood Mosque as iERA’s Salahuddin Patel articulated to the local group the warm compassionate message of Islam. Salahuddin Patel explained Islam using iERA’s Trademark GORAP Methodology, as he made an intelligent case for Islam. The local Borehamwood Mosque had a full capacity crowd and people were spilling out as they were keen to hear the message of Islam. The talk was a huge success, as many people were surprised to hear the many commonalities that Islam shares with both Judaism and Christianity. The audience interacted with the speaker by asking questions and as a parting gift all the guests were given a Dawah Gift Bag, which includes copies of iERA publications: 

– The Eternal Challenge
– Quran a Short Journey
– and Jesus, Man, Messenger, Messiah

The tour concluded at St Michael and All Angels Church in Brook Road for a presentation by Reverend Louise Collins before the group went back to Aberford Park for a public picnic.

Chair of Hertsmere Forum of Faiths Reverend Richard Leslie said: “In the spirit of the Jo Cox Foundation campaign in June, the major faith communities of Hertsmere got together to visit the local Synagogue, Mosque and Church in Borehamwood. This was a great opportunity for all local residents, not just members of the faith communities, to meet and learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust and, in the face of recent disturbing events, to walk and talk together – and picnic together.”

This event was covered in the Borehamwood Times, for a Faiths Get Together To Celebrate Unity.