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‘Ask A Muslim Over Coffee’ – A First For Sheffield Hallam!


Following on from the hugely successful ‘Why Me?’ seminar delivered by iERA Outreach Specialist Murtaza Chaudhary in November 2017, Hallam ISOC were excited to invite iERA back to Sheffield to deliver a dawah training course in preparation for their ‘Discover Islam Fortnight‘.

Surrounded by a huge population of around 30,000 students on campus, there is no shortage of people in need of knowing the message of peace and compassion – Islam.

iERA's Murtaza Chaudhary Delivering TrainingThe course began with purifying one’s intention (ikhlaas) and having a pure intention when doing dawah. Imagine doing months or years of dawah only to have the actions rejected by Allah because it was done for other than Allah. For example, for a monetary gain, name and fame, for an individual and so on. Shaytaan will always work hard to corrupt the intentions of people calling to Allah.

The course then went on to discuss iERA GORAP dawah methodology. Throughout the course, Murtaza shared his 10 years dawah experience with the students. His approach is clear – give soundbites/tips and use simple or ‘sticky’ (or hard to forget) examples throughout the training.

With this technique, interaction is gained with the Non-Muslim, and this helps make things interesting and memorable – perfect for planting dawah “seeds”. Who for example, if given two choices after death would choose ‘nothing’ or ‘blackness’ or being just being ‘worm buffet’ over the option of a paradise?!!

The course moved on to important topic areas which are Allah’s Names and Attributes. These are hugely important for dawah. After all, dawah is inviting to Allah – knowing who He is, therefore, is of utmost importance in the call or invitation. Murtaza explained that the understanding and learning of Allah’s Names will only but aid the work of dawah. Allah, for example, is “The First” or ‘Al-Aw-wal’. This means that Allah is the first One who has no beginning, and has always been in existence before time, space and matter. Further, Allah is “Al-Aakhir” or ‘The Last’, meaning the One with no end, again He has always been in existence.

iERA's Murtaza Chaudhary Delivering Training

The students were engrossed and Murtaza found it very encouraging knowing these would be future callers to Islam. A question was thrown out to the attendees: “How many names does Allah have?”. The usual answer which is received is “99”. This is the correct number revealed to Mankind and in that sense a correct answer. However, Allah has an infinite number of names (the infinite names are with Him alone and known to Him alone), and one attendee immediately answered this correctly!.

The course continued with valuable role-plays. Here a student would act as a non-Muslim receiving dawah. The paired student would be the Muslim giving dawah. From this role-playing interaction, the key elements of GORAP, such as ‘G’ – God and ‘O’ – Oneness were practised. This gives the attendees a feel for how real-life dawah would flow.

Of huge importance is new Muslim empowerment. During the course, this topic is bought at the start and the end, to emphasise and highlight the great need for it. So many times new Muslims end up leaving Islam after accepting the message of Islam. Why?. There are many problems common to reverts. Finance, loneliness, rejection by family/friends are just but a few. This is why mentoring or ‘buddying’ with a revert is the job and responsibility of all the Muslims.

The biggest outcome of the course was one of the attendees, Abdullah, agreeing to step up and act as a ‘dawah leader’ on campus.

Ask A Muslim Over Coffee StallFollowing the dawah training course, Abdullah arranged for a dawah stall to take place on campus – the first one ever!. It was an exciting time for Sheffield Hallam and Abdullah and his team thought deeply about a theme for the stall. They decided to call it “Ask A Muslim Over Coffee”, whereby they gave out free coffee and chocolate and had a chance to discuss Islam. It was an amazing success and Abdullah will be holding the stall regularly.

iERA will continue to support Abdullah and Hallam ISOC with all their future dawah needs, be they advice, training, materials or speakers.

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