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Why Allah is worthy of our worship


“Why Allah is worthy of our worship” was taken from the iERA 9-day specialist training course. This moving and informative video explains 7 reasons why Allah is deserved of our worship. This session started with a powerful analogy involving a father being proud of his son. The lecturer, Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, explained that worshipping Allah means to know, love, obey and direct all acts of worship to Him alone. Hamza continued to explain that Allah is worthy of our worship because:

  • it is a necessary fact of His existence,
  • He has created and also sustains everything,
  • He provides us with innumerable favours,
  • we love ourselves, therefore we must love God,
  • He is The-Loving, and His love is the purest form of love,
  • Worship is part of who we are,
  • Obeying God is part of worshipping Him.

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