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Abraham – The Friend Of God | Prophetic Legacy Series

Abraham – The Friend Of God | Prophetic Legacy Series


Introducing The Prophetic Legacy Series

This series will be exploring the life of Abraham – The Friend Of God. Learn more about one of the greatest Prophets to walk this earth, the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam!

  1. Awakening the Truth Within – Whom Do You Worship? (Hamza Andreas Tzortzis)
    There are many self evident truths, this is the case for science, philosophy and even religion. One of these truths is that we all want to know, love, obey and be grateful to something other than ourselves. In other words, we all want to worship.
  2. In God We Trust: Freeing You From Your Limitations (Imran Hussein)
    Throughout our life, we learn to put our trust in people, systems and processes. Inevitably, all these things let us down in some way, shape or form. Tonight, find out how putting your trust in your Creator, like Prophet Abraham did, will ensure that you are never let down again and are truly successful in all your endeavours.
  3. Top 5 Principles of Abrahamic Leadership (Abdurraheem Green)
    What are these leadership principles? How can we apply them to our lives today with our children, with our spouses, with our colleagues? How do we leave a legacy that continues to benefit us long after we pass away? Learn more about Prophet Abraham’s essential qualities!
  4. Why Me? The Abrahamic Approach To Suffering (Murtaza Chaudhary)
    What is the purpose of our lives? God has many names and attributes including: ‘The All-Powerful’ and ‘The All-Merciful’.If he has all power and infinite mercy, why can’t he cure the innocent child painfully starving to death in a third world country? Is he a cruel God who wishes to punish people? Why did God create evil in the first place?
  5. The Truth Revealed: The Guiding Light of Divine Revelation (Subboor Ahmad)
    We all need a little guidance in our life from time to time, whether that comes from our parents, our teacher or more often than not, our peers but what about ultimate guidance? What about discovering the reason for our existence?That kind of guidance you’d need to not only verify and trust but act upon it, just like the Prophet Abraham did!
  6. The Many Faces of Idol Worship: Modernity and Idolatry (Salahuddin Patel)
    Idol worship has morphed its way into our 21st Century life in ways that we don’t even see… How did Abraham deal with the ancient idols of his time? Yes, he may have famously smashed the physical statues but he did so to make a point about using reason and our rational faculties to come to the truth.
  7. Becoming God’s Friend: The Ultimate Friendship (Abdurraheem Green)
    How could humans ever have a relationship with the Creator of all things? It seems improbable, yet God himself tells us that Abraham was very close and a devoted friend.
  8. The Spiritual Journey: The Heart’s Grand Voyage (Salahuddin Patel)
    Go on a step by step insight into the inner spiritual dimensions that make up the largest pilgrimage on Earth. This journey began several millennia ago with a single man, the Prophet Abraham – The Friend of God.Fast forward to today – Hajj – the 5th Pillar of Islam, is attended by millions of people from every corner of the world and it all began from that single call by the Prophet Abraham, a call that unites the whole of humanity, as one single family.
  9. The Way OF Abraham: Why God Is Worthy Of Our Worship (Hamza Andreas Tzortzis)
    What was the way of Abraham? From a very young age, he embarked on a journey of knowing, obeying, thanking and loving God. Learn why you should also undertake this spiritual journey to know, obey, thank and love God.
  10. The Ultimate Sacrifice: Spiritual Investment, Love and Peaceful Submission (Imran Hussein)
    Discover the amazing lessons we learn from one of the most testing events in the life of Abraham.
    Learn how this pivotal moment demonstrates for humanity, the beautiful relationship between man and its Creator.