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iERA is a mainstream Muslim organisation that realises how important outreach work is. Here are some testimonials from external organisations about what they had to say about us and the work we do.

Mercy Mission

“Mercy Mission applauds the work iERA is doing over the world in breaking down barriers between Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We believe this is the type of engagement needed to bring peace and harmony to the world we live in.”

Mercy Mission – UK Registered Charity Number: 1122922

Islamic Diversity Centre

“I am writing to express our gratitude towards the organisation iERA (Islamic Education & Research Academy) for their on-going support and assistance in working within our communities across the North East in building bridges and community cohesion. Our organisation has worked arduously in developing relations with all sectors of the community, in order to facilitate integration and embrace one another’s cultures, customs and viewpoints. This could not have been without the help of iERA, who have provided us with lecturers and speakers that are able to articulate the aforementioned needs, advice and guidance on improving relations and unity. We continue to support the great work that they do.”

Islamic Diversity Centre (IDC) – UK Registered Charity Number: 1147315

Myriad Foundation

It was through the assistance and encouragement of organisations like iERA that the Myriad Foundation eventually formed in the summer of 2013 in order to encourage every day Muslims to make a difference in their respective communities. Since the Myriad Foundation has formed, we have ran several projects for the wider community such as hiking up Mount Snowdon to raise over £15,000 for Christie’s Cancer Hospital, the My Cancer Buddy service in conjunction with Macmillan Cancer Support and St Anne’s Hospice and the Feed-A-Freind food bank where we not only run our own end-to-end in house service, but we also provide a number of food agencies around the Greater Manchester area with vital food supplies that every day people living below the line live rely on to get by. Some of these partner agencies are the Central Manchester Food Bank, Compassion and Coffee 4 Craig. iERA continually inspires organisations like ourselves to continue this important work and have only recently provided us with the much needed template to encourage the Muslim community to donate blood after their successful “Don’t Spill it – Give it” campaign. The Myriad Foundation are grateful for the support iERA have provided us with and look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Ali Mahmood, Myriad Foundation CEO

The Manchester New Muslim Network

“The Manchester New Muslim Network has been working closely with the Muslim Now wing of iERA since 2010. We feel that had it not been for iERA, we would not have been able to carry out our role of supporting new Muslims to the level we have been over the past four years. iERA has continually provided us with much needed insight into best practice by providing high quality workshops, welcome packs, community educational courses and access to spiritual retreats that we simply feel we could not get from any other Muslim led organisation in the UK. We thank iERA for their continual support as we feel that they have contributed to our improvement exponentially to a level that we did not foresee at the turn of the decade.”

– Ghulam Haydar, Chair of the Manchester New Muslim Network

Victim Support


Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales. They were set up 40 years ago and have grown to become the oldest and largest victims’ organisation in the world.

“Our volunteers really appreciated you coming to the meeting and felt that they learnt a great deal from you, about the services you provide. In particular one volunteer said ‘ It was a privilege to learn so much
about cultural awareness from Saleem.'”

– Jackie Thomas, Manager at Victim Support

Here are some of the testimonials and comments we have received from individuals we have worked with:

“I have worked with Yusuf Chambers and Abdurraheem Green periodically for the last 4 years. I have found them to be inclusive, reaching out to wider communities and working with a number of both Muslim and Non Muslim organisations. We have worked together on anti racism events as well as community development and projects empowering women. As a Quaker I have found them to be accepting of all faiths and beliefs, as well as accommodating all individuals. They are truly inclusive, empowering individuals and I feel privileged to work in partnership with them.”

Hayley Kemp, Community Development Worker & Christian Peaceworker

“iERA have taken engagement, communication and bridge building with the community to a whole new level. Our South London scouts group have worked extensively with iERA and have benefited greatly from them. They have supported us in many things, including training our team, providing resources, both people and literature, and in offering off-the-cuff advice and help. Earlier this year, iERA accompanied our team to meet a Scouts group in their local church and during a Londonscout’s event, who had invited us to give them a basic introduction to Islam, as part of their ‘Faith Badge’. Following our meeting with them, iERA got glowing reviews, with statements such as, ‘the best religious presentation I have ever had!’ and ‘this was excellent – we would like you to come again’. May God bless iERA.” 

Omar Hayat, Scouts Leader