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A Weekend of Sharing Islam with the Muslims of Wembley


Wembley_Mission_1On Christmas weekend, iERA delivered a motivational talk, dawah training, and street dawah to the Muslim community of Wembley. The event was held at Wembley Central Masjid, and it kicked off on Friday evening with an inspirational talk by Salahuddin Patel, who shared his journey to Islam. The talk was entitled, ‘From Reincarnation to Reformation a Journey from Hinduism to Islam’.

Wembley_Mission_3As part of the talk and the weekend program, Salahuddin also took the opportunity to promote iERA’s ‘Convey One Verse’ campaign. The Convey One Verse campaign is designed to propagate one verse of the Quran using small initiation cards that have beautiful images along with an ayah.

There are 18 innovative new cards that are part of the Convey One Verse campaign, and they can be ordered here.

Wembley_Mission_2On the morning of Boxing Day, Salahuddin delivered iERAs dawah training course, which goes through iERA’s trademark GORAP methodology, on how to articulate an intellectual case for Islam to the public. The training consisted of theoretical arguments and practical role plays, and this stirred a lot of excitement amongst the attendees who were keen to apply what they had learned.

Wembley_Mission_5After Dhuhr salat, the attendees took to Wembley High Street and they engaged in many positive interactions about Islam. The message of Islam was initiated via the Convey One Verse cards and flyers.

Wembley’s Muslim community were fascinated to learn about Islam and how Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) is, in fact, a Messenger of Allah. The Christmas Dawah campaign also helped to clear any misconceptions non-Muslims has about Islam and Muslims.

The local dawah team also took the opportunity to distribute our new One Reason publication, ‘The Eternal Challenge, A Journey Through The Miraculous Qur’an’. You can order your free copy here.

Alhamdulillah, as a result of delivering iERA’s weekend Dawah Program, Wembley Central Masjid have committed to running a regular weekend dawah stall on Wembley High Street.