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A Spiritual Life Led Her To Islam

A Spiritual Life Led Her To Islam


During iERA’s global #MuslimsLoveJesus Easter campaign, the iERA team were in Central London sharing Islam to the myriad of people that visit one of London’s most iconic sites.

One of the most noticeable features about dawah in Leicester Square is the Qur’an recitation that plays from the gazebo, and that is what drew a mesmerized British Indian lady to the table.

After welcoming her, she was eager to share her story with us. Her family was Hindu but she said she didn’t believe in it herself. It made more sense to her that God is one and she had been learning about Islam through her friends for more than 10 years. She had read parts of the Qu’ran and had been watching Islamic videos online.

Indian cochin Jewish PeopleWhen she was 15 years old she saw a dream that she was walking a large group of people. She somehow knew that the people she was walking with were Jewish and Moses was leading them. One of the people did something wrong so soldiers came and arrested and chained up all of them including Moses. Soldiers were whipping Moses and asking him something but he refused to answer them. Then Moses looked at her and told her to ‘save yourself’. Many years after the dream her maternal grandmother told her that their family originally lived in Yemen and were Jewish and they migrated to India. Historically there is a Jewish group who have lived in India for hundreds of years who claim they are from the lost tribes of Israel (7th Century BC).

More than that, her life experiences were drawing her closer to God. When on holiday she took her paddle boat out to far, and couldn’t make her way back as she lost one of the paddles. She thought she was going to and die and called out to God, thankfully she managed to make a way back. After reading the following verse, she said she felt ungrateful.

When you get into distress at sea, those you pray to besides Him desert you, but when He brings you back safe to land you turn away: man is ever ungrateful.
The Qur’an, Chapter 17, Verse 67

Last month, she went to Jordan and whilst she was there she climbed a mountain and listened to the Jummahs that were broadcasted all around her. Every morning she was there she said she enjoyed listening to the azaan (call to prayer). On one occasions as she was travelling through Jordan, the coach she was travelling on broke down, when she asked where they were, she was told, this is Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses).

This was a major sign for her! She wanted to accept Islam in Jordan but no one gave her dawah. She spoke to us for over an hour about the evidence of Islam, how to become Muslim and spirituality. Alhamdulilah she accepted Islam! We gave her literature and shared some contact details. Allah guides whom he wills:

Is it not proof enough for them that the learned men of the Children of Israel have recognized it?
The Qur’an, Chapter 26, Verse 197