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A New Easter Message Of Hope For Londoners

A New Easter Message Of Hope For Londoners


iERA’s Global Head Office is located in London and as such, we wanted to lead by example during the global #MuslimsLoveJesus Easter campaign. To that end, we devised unique ways of engaging the public about the beautiful message of Jesus, every day of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

Every Good Friday, Trafalgar Square in Central London hosts an open air play entitled ‘The Passion of Jesus’ which attracts over 20,000 people from all over the UK and internationally every year.

With that in mind, iERA set up it’s stall in Trafalgar Square, opposite the play and almost immediately got into amazing conversations with people about the life and mission of Jesus, from an Islamic perspective. Among those that engaged with us was the organiser of the play who spoke at length with Yusuf Chambers and thanked us for coming out to build bridges of understanding between the Christian and Muslim community.

Things continued well for most of the beautiful afternoon in Central London, that was until the play ended… at that point, iERA’s team were overrun with people who wanted a copy of our new book: Jesus – Man, Messenger, Messiah! In a short space of time our entire stock of books were depleted with people scrambling to get the last few copies!

Amidst this crush of people engaging with the team, a Parisian called Stefan got into a conversation with Subboor Ahmad from iERA. Stefan had been on a journey of discovery into Islam for some time and was visiting London from Paris for the weekend. It turns out that he had prayed at Regents Park Mosque that same afternoon, and had come across us at Trafalgar Square. After a deep and spiritual conversation, connecting the dots in his mind, Stefan made the decision to embrace Islam and say the shahadah with us with the permission of Allah. We immediately gifted him with our New Muslim Welcome Pack and took him for lunch to talk more and help him on his new journey in Islam.

The day concluded with us distributing 100 food packs and dawah materials to the homeless and needy at the Strand, just off Trafalgar Square.

On Easter Saturday, the iERA team headed out in the morning to the iconic London locations of Leicester Square, Marble Arch and Oxford Street – Europe’s busiest shopping street!

Attracting attention and engaging people in positive conversations about the life of Jesus and his message was no problem for the experienced team. Armed with eye catching hoodies, banners, flyers about Jesus and iERA’s new book about Jesus the team quickly caught the attention of the media. The Al Jazeera correspondent was so impressed with our efforts to build bridges of understanding between the Muslim and Christian communities that he did a LIVE report directly to their Facebook page of over 12 million fans.

During the feed, they interviewed Hamza Tzortzis and other members of the iERA team and garnered a live viewership of more than 2,000 people. To date, the video has 86,386 views and growing! In Leicester Square, Nadeem Ashraf recalls a conversation with a Romanian man he met. “When we first started talking, he was, in his words ‘an outright atheist’. After breaking down the rational foundations of Islam to him and the Islamic approach to the discussion on the existence of God, he informed me that I have ‘put doubts in his atheism!’ He was very sincere, humble and open minded. May Allah guide him and us to the truth. Ameen.”

On Easter Sunday, the iERA team headed to the famous Camden Town Market and then on to Hyde Park in Central London.

We concluded our four days of dawah on Bank Holiday Monday by setting up shop outside the iconic Brixton underground station. Out of the whole weekend, here we had the best response when engaging with the local residents and visitors. Two sisters, one Quaker, the other undecided got into a conversation with us and really appreciated the whole stall and why we were there. One elderly gentleman visiting from the Caribbean was impressed with the whole approach. He was happy that we a have a very friendly approach to multi faith dialogue.

All in all, the #MuslimsLoveJesus campaign was a global success with thousands of copies of iERA’s New Publication – Jesus: Man, Messenger, Messiah being distributed around the world and thousands of positive conversations about the true mission and message of Jesus.