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iERA 9-Day Specialist Dawah Training Programme


A key strategic focus in achieving the noble objective of advancing the Prophetic Mission is to develop, educate and empower Muslims to articulate a compassionate and intelligent case for Islam to the whole world.

Following on from the success of the global ‘Know God, Know Good’ campaign over Ramadan, iERA has hit the ground running to continue conveying the call.

9-Day Specialist Dawah Training Programme

To kick start an action packed year, this Friday, July 22nd, 2017, 26 scholars, imam’s, students of knowledge, community activists and outreach specialists from North America and Europe will take part in a 9-Day specialist training programme. The training will take place at iERAs brand new, dedicated teaching facility at their HQ in London.

iERA has been working hard preparing for this training that aims to enhance the knowledge of the participants so they can be agents of positive change and transformation in their local communities.

They will be a much-needed beacon of light for their communities, their nations and the entire world.

You can follow their progress over these 9-days via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for behind the scenes snapshots of the educational content, discussions and debates that are sure to follow!

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