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86 People Embrace Islam With iERA In Malawi!

86 People Embrace Islam With iERA In Malawi!


As you travel down the long, red, dusty road leaving Blantyre, with nothing between you and Mozambique you’ll come across iERA’s Masjid Hannah. This unimposing compound is not just a Masjid but a community hub with classrooms, bathrooms and accommodation for imams and iERA outreach specialists.

Masjid Hannah has already had a profound impact on the local community with 86 people stepping forward to embrace Islam on its opening day alone! Over Seven hundred people from the local villages and their Chiefs came for the reminders, entertainment and food

After inspiring lectures and entertaining drama performances people were invited to come forward to embrace Islam. By the permission of Allah, one by one they came forward until the stage was overflowing with Men, women, children and babes in arms ready to testify that Allah alone is worthy of our worship and that Muhammad peace be upon him is His last and final messenger.

Relive that emotional moment LIVE here:

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Masjid Hannah will be run and managed by Imam Shamsudeen who was one of a hand-picked group of Imams whom iERA have trained to continue the Prophetic Mission in local villages across Malawi and Southern Africa. Each attendee was hand-picked based on their extensive Islamic Studies to learn iERA’s GORAP dawah methodology and how to take care of new Muslims who embrace Islam.

Not only were they trained on how to share the message of Islam with compassion and reason, but there were given specific training on how to run a successful exhibition about the life of Jesus as recorded in the Qur’an. The results of this were apparent with 17 people embracing Islam by the permission of Allah at the Apollo Building in Blantyre, Malawi. Our team of local Malawian imams and students of knowledge did guided tours through the exhibitions, examining the life of Jesus as recorded in the Qur’an. Every time thirty or so guests completed the exhibition, they were invited to sit in the auditorium and offered refreshments while listening to a talk.

After the talk, they were invited to step forward to embrace Islam and by the permission of Allah they did so in groups – first 10, then a little while later 2 and finally after the final round of talks 5 people took their shahadah!

This is what iERA are doing in Africa – advancing the Prophetic Mission by empowering duaat to convey the call in new and innovative ways.