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Entire Church Congregation Take Shahadah in Balasan, The Philippines with iERA & IORM

An Entire church congregation just took their shahadah in Balasan (Iloilo, Philippines) with iERA’s Malaysian Outreach Specialist Fadhli Burhan and IORM Masjid and Rahima Da’wah Center (a local Filipino Dawah organisation). That’s approximately 130 members of the congregation embracing Islam — along with the in-house Pastor — after accepting the message when it was conveyed […]

Response to New Zealand Massacre

Canada Tour : 2 – 11 November 2018

Saqib Ali
Between 2 – 11 November 2018, join the #iERA team, including CEO Hamza Andreas Tzortzis in#Canada conveying the call and continuing the#PropheticMission. Fri 2nd The Mirage of Atheism Islamic Institute of Toronto [6 pm] FB: Islamicinstituteoftoronto Iit www.islam.ca Sat 3rd A Conversation on God Hamza Tzortzis & Dr John Varvaeke [7 pm] Uni. of Toronto, Mississauga Room: IB110 FB: […]

Response to New Zealand Massacre