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Not In Jesus’ Name – Paul’s Christianity?

Was Paul a faithful follower of Jesus, or the inventor of a new religion? This may seem like a provocative question as it’s taken for granted that following one automatically means you are following the other. As we are going to analyse, this couldn’t be further from the truth as they both taught very different things […]

He Died For Our Sins – Was Jesus Really Crucified?

Throughout history, heroic tales of self-sacrifice have always appealed to mankind. The notion of Jesus sacrificing himself to redeem us is a noble one, and undoubtedly is an aspect of Christianity that resonates deeply with its followers. Although it’s an emotional and perhaps beautiful notion, is it true, was Jesus really crucified?

The season of goodwill is upon us!

Most people associate Christmas with miraculous birth of Jesus – known as the one who was blessed by God. Jesus spent his life sharing these blessings with those around him, making people aware of God and why they should worship Him alone.

Muharram is the month of Allah!

In the first month of the Islamic Calendar, Muharram, we are putting Allah first. The Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him described Muharram as the month of Allah. Enable Allah to be worshipped in the right way this month by supporting the Prophetic Mission today. £30 a month, just 99p a day will allow us […]

186 people convert to ISLAM in 1 DAY!

As part of iERA’s ‘World Dawah Mission’ campaign, we developed, trained, and empowered international dawah teams to call people to Allah on the 20th August 2016. This 24-hour campaign launched the Prophetic Mission all around the world. Through it, iERA helped 3,117 people to convey the call and become companions to the Prophetic Mission. These […]

Sharing Islam In 26 Cities Across Europe

For Sertaç Odabas, the most amazing thing about the World Dawah Mission in Europe was seeing people all coming together to share the message of Islam. With him in Austria, members from 4 different dawah teams came together to be part of this campaign! In Vienna alone, they had four dawah stalls running at the same […]